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Elek-Trix P-Bass Vari-Tone Wiring Harness Kit

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Elek-Trix replaces your stock wiring, quickly and easily without soldering. It provides cool tonal options that you cannot get with any other vendor's wiring harness. Simple installation, simple operation, top-quality components and improved tone quality.


  • Built in "Volume Kit" to help prevent treble loss when lowering the volume.
  • "Varitone Control". Our Varitone Toneshaper Control  adjusts your pickup's frequency roll-off point and determines how much treble or mid-range to retain and exactly where to cut these harmonics off. By utilizing a 12 position rotary switch, you can change between 11 different capacitor values (.001uF to .1uF) plus a bypass mode to help expand your tonal pallet on the fly.

Top Quality Parts Included

  • CTS custom solid shaft pots with 10% tolerance and 1/4" long bushing
  • C&K precision rotary switch with 1/4" bushing 
  • Panasonic Hi Fi Poly Film capacitor with 5% tolerance
  • Panasonic Metal Film resistor with 1% tolerance
  • Switchcraft prewired 1/4" J11 Jack
  • 2 matching custom Black Knobs
  • Premium solderless wiring blocks
  • Military grade multilayer circuit board

Please Note: Our CTS pots are made to US specifications and designed to fit in 3/8 inch diameter holes. Knobs will need a 1/4 inch diameter hole to fit these pots. If your guitar is an imported metric model then you will need to enlarge the holes to fit properly along with buying new knobs.

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