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Elek-Trix La Cabronita Wiring Harness Kit

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Elek-Trix replaces your stock wiring, quickly and easily without soldering. It provides cool tonal options that you cannot get with any other vendor's wiring harness. Simple installation, simple operation, top-quality components and improved tone quality.

Take Control of Your Tone
This model is for a guitar with a Volume control only and two pickups. It has 3 features that help you to dial in your pickups to achieve the best sounds from them. Have you asked yourself these questions;
(1) How do I prevent Treble Loss that occurs when lowering the volume?
Just switch-on our “Volume Kit” circuit,
(2) Should I use 250K or 500K Volume pots?
Both values are built-in so you can try them both and keep the one that sounds best.

(3) How can I get that Vintage or Modern tone without a tone control?
You can change your pickup's frequency range by selecting one of eight different capacitor values provided; None (0 uF), .010uF, .015uF, .022uF, .025uF, .033uF, .038uF, .047uF.

Dual Single Coils, P90's or Humbuckers
  • Switch Position
  • Position 1 Neck
  • Position 2 Neck & Bridge
  • Position 3 Bridge

Top Quality Parts
We only use the best brands like CTS, Bourns, Oak-Grigsby, Switchcraft and Panasonic components. We've thought of everything because we know tone is important to you

Please Note: Our CTS pots are made to US specifications; 1/4" diameter solid shaft, while the bushing is 3/8" diameter x 3/8" long made to fit a control plate or pickguard. If you have an imported metric model guitar then you will need to enlarge the holes to fit properly along with buying new knobs.



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