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Frequently Asked Questions

When will my order ship?
All orders made on Monday through Thursday will usually ship within 2 days. Orders placed on Friday through Sunday will ship on Monday unless it is a holiday in which case it will ship the next business day.

Will it fit in my Control cavity?
As long as your control cavity is 1.50" deep and is flat on the bottom then it will fit with no problems. If your control cavity has a raised section in the center like some newer Tele models then you will need to remove it. If you bass cavity is less than 1.50" deep then you will need to check if you can notch the area where the push-pull or blender pot hit the bottom of the cavity to create the clearance needed.

Replacing imported metric pots with our USA Standard pots?
Our pots are made to US standards 3/8" hole diameters, therefore holes in your control plate or pick-guard may need to be enlarged to fit properly. We recommend that you use a tapered reamer or a stepped drill bit for the best results. Also some pots have 24 spline knurls so if your knobs were made for 18 spline knurled pots they will not fit and should be replaced.

P90's Special Instructions, How do I connect a P90 pickup?
The pickup cable has two wires, the inside wire is the hot signal wire (color white) and the outside braid (color bare wire) is the return wire. You will need to wrap and solder a 26AWG wire around the braid to make a connection. The other end will now fit in the green block in the N-, M- or B- locations

What is "Static" vs "Dynamic" wiring?
"Static" as used by us means to be fixed or locked in. The only way to add a feature to a static wiring harness is to remove, add and resolder the harness. By "Dynamic" we mean you can change the function of the harness without having to remove, add or resolder the wiring harness. We refer to our products as being " Dynamic" because we have the most desired wiring mods built-in and they can be easily added or removed by flipping a dip-switch.

What is Modern and Vintage wiring?
The main difference between the two is a change to the point from which the tone controls receive their signal. With "Modern" wiring, rolling down the volume control carries with it the compromise that the tone also changes, with some higher frequencies disappearing. Switch to "Vintage" (or 50's) wiring, and this problem is addressed, with the consequence that it makes the volume and tone control interactive. To help solve the Modern tone issue we provide you with a "Treble-Rolloff" circuit.

What is a "Volume Kit" circuit?
If you go with modern wiring, then you can consider enabling this. The Volume Kit circuit when engaged addresses the problem of treble roll-off that accompanies rolling back your guitar’s volume control. Perhaps you’re aware of this. When you roll the volume control down, there is a discernible tonal change that comes along for the ride. This is the case with all vintage Strats, and it’s something that many people have never noticed, while it drives other people crazy. This circuit may be switched on or off at almost any time, it’s use is optional.

Why have selectable pot values for the Volume or Tone Control?
The value of the pot affects the overall tonality of the guitar, even when the volume is turned all the way up. 250k is the traditional value used for single coil pickups, and will produce a slightly fuller and warmer tone. 500k will make the guitar a little brighter overall, which will likely benefit those guitars that have two humbuckers or P-90s.

Why have selectable capacitor values for the Tone Control?
The capacitor values affect the operation of the tone controls, a .059 tone cap will yield a dark, warm sound. Some jazz players may like this value along with a .047uF which has a little more clarity but still keeps that darker, warmer jazzy type sound. A smaller .033uF or .022uF cap yields a more sort of nasal sound but in a good way for rock, blues and pop styles. Below .022uF value things really begin to change and the tones you get will not be the standard tones so experiment! Each value will change your guitars tone so take your time and listen to each one.

What does Humbucker/Single-Coil optimized wiring mean?
Mixing humbuckers and single-coils always presents a dilemma: Do you use a 250k volume pot to accommodate the single-coils, or a 500k volume to accommodate the humbucker? The value of the pot has an effect on the tone, and most single-coils are voiced for 250k pots, while most humbuckers are voiced for 500k. We have an optimization feature incorporated that when you are in the full-humbucker setting (all the way forward) you have a 500K load while in the other switch positions the load is lowered to 250k. This way humbucker sounds like a humbucker should, and the single-coil and combination positions sound like they should.

My Elek-Trix model is not working properly.
The number one reason why it's not working is because the pickup wires are inserted into the wrong location. We get it. The text on the board is small and our eyes are not as good as they once were. So make sure you compare your wires with the ones shown in the installation manual.

How does the "Series" pickup combination work?
Tele and Strat single coil pickups are usually combined in parallel, yielding that traditional hollow, open sound. Humbuckers on the other hand, combines two coils in series to give it that full, punchy midrange. Our "Series" pickup position gives you the best of both worlds by combining the two single coil pickups into a pseudo humbucker to fatten up your sound. Be sure that your neck pick up meets the following requirements 

How to check or prepare your Tele pickups for the 4-way "Series" switch?
If your neck pickup has three wires then you are OK. If you have two wires then you will need to convert your pickup from a 2 conductor to a 3 conductor. Click on this link and follow the instructions "Preparing your tele pickups for 4 way switch system"

Can you tell me which color wire on my 4 wire humbucker goes into which location on the green block?
Since there is no industry wiring color standard for pickups, it would be a nightmare to have all of our product's manual list every vendor's unique color scheme. To add to this confusion the very same pickup vendor may have a different color scheme for single coils pickups. For example Seymour Duncan uses a white wire for the hot signal on a single coil pickup but uses a black wire for the hot signal on a humbucker. Here's a conversion chart to hopefully help you make sense out of this.



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