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Elek-Trix Telecaster 5-Way Nashville Wiring Harness vs Competitors

Vendor's Name Fits Standard & Reverse Control Orientation Built-in selectable Volume Kit circuit Multiple Built-In Capacitor Selections for Tone Control Built-in 100% Solder-less Pickup Connections Solder-less conversion to 3-Way or 4-Way Classic model [3] 30 Day Test Drive Guarantee Parts Replacement Warranty
Elek-Trix Tele Nashville Yes Yes Yes - 7 values Yes Yes Yes 1 year
Champtone Custom Guitars No No No No No No None
Emerson Custom Guitars No No No No No No None
Jonesy Blues Custom Shop No No No No No No None
Kinman No Yes [1] No Yes [2] No No 1 year
Mad Hatter Guitar Products Yes No No Yes Yes No None
Madison's Music Not Available
Martin Six String Customs No No No No No No None
Mojo Tone Not Available
Obsidian Wire Not Available
Only Music USA No No No No No No None
Rothstein Guitars Not Available
RS Guitarworks Not Available
Stewart MacDonald Not Available

Information was provided on 7-22-15 from each vendor's public website and their published products. Unpublished options or customization's may be offered by certain vendors.
[1] Volume Kit is included but it is not selectable. With ours you can set it to On of Off.
[2] Requires purchase of pickups from vendor
[3] Just purchase the 3-Way or 4-way switch and flip a dip-switch.



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