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for Les Paul

Elek-Trix replaces your Les Paul's stock wiring, quickly and easily without soldering (our kits do include a switch; you will need to use your original switch, or purchase a new one). It provides cool tonal options that you cannot get with any other vendor's wiring harness. Simple installation, simple operation, top-quality components and improved tone quality. You're going to love these Elek-Trix models!

Install the unit and slide it's mini-DIP switches to select the tonal options that you need to get the best sound from your pickups. Elek-Trix provides you with tonal flexibility that you've never experienced from your guitar before.

Top Quality
We only use CTS, Bourns, Oak-Grigsby, Switchcraft and Panasonic custom components. We've thought of everything and we've only used the best brands, because we know tone is important to you.

Easy To Install
Mount the unit into your guitar. Next take your pickup wires and jack wires and plug them into our green solderless Terminal Block, quickly and easily with press and release terminals. That's it.



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