What's different about our wiring kits from other ones? July 17 2015


We get asked this all the time from prospective customers. What makes us unique is our passive "Dynamic Wiring" system. When we introduced this system using a non traditional circuit board at Namm 6 years ago, it was an industry first. Fast forward to 2015 and now you have Seymour Duncan, Fender, Gibson and others who feel comfortable using this concept with good reasons.

Take our selectable tone capacitor feature. With a traditional point to point wiring harness to find the best tone capacitor value for your pickups would require you to buy multiple capacitors and resort to the old method of trial and error. That means to try out our seven different capacitor values you would have to change out the capacitor seven times. With our system you can change values in seconds and determine which one sounds the best for your particular setup.

The key to our system is our flexible printed circuit board designs, plain and simple. We can do more because unlike PTP wiring harnesses, we can reroute and reconfigure signal paths along with component values. That is what gives us a creative edge, we can do more. Just how much more is dependent on how complex we want to make the design. Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should, so we take the approach of making our designs clean and simple. This makes them user friendly and easy to use.

When we design a product we spend time on even the smallest detail. An example of this is our Telecaster 3-way products. We modeled it to determine the best location for the connector to allow you to pivot the blade switch. Now you can mount the switch in a standard or reverse control orientation. This saves money and time for our customers and makes it easy for them to switch between these two orientations. This very same product can also be reconfigured to a 4-way but just unplugging the 3-way switch, flipping a dipswitch on and plugging in a 4-way switch module. Upgrading is easy and you can do it yourself without soldering.

By looking at existing guitar electronics in this new manner, we have a different vision of what is possible and how our customers can play the biggest part in determining their signature tone. We understand that our mission is to extract the highest quality signal from your pickups and to keep it that way until it reaches the output jack. 

We will never be the less expensive wiring sytem in the market, but with our built in features you will get the best return on your investment, dollar for dollar with our products. That's our commitment to you!