What issues does a Single-Coil / Humbucker setup present? August 12 2015

Mixing humbuckers and single-coils always presents a dilemma. Do you use a 250k or a 500k pot for the volume control? As we discussed in the previous entry, the value of the volume pot has a significant effect on your tone, and most single-coils are voiced for 250K pots, while most humbuckers are voiced for 500K so which one do you choose? This dilemma is also a reason why some musicians dislike coil splitting a humbucker as they feel it is too bright or shrilly which maybe contributed to having the incorrect pot value. What is needed to solve this issue is a volume pot that is able to switch between these two values. So we came up with a "Volume Auto-switching" feature that changes the resistance load when you need it. Now when you are in the full-humbucker setting (all the way forward) you have a 500K load while in the other switch positions the load is lowered to 250k. This way a humbucker sounds like a humbucker should, and the single-coil and combination positions sound like they should. This feature is available on most but not all Elek-Trix models.