What value pot should I use for my volume control? March 11 2015

Volume pots are connected as a variable voltage divider for the signal from the pickups. The total resistance of the volume pot is connected directly across the pickups, and acts as a "load" on them. Because of the nature of the pickups complex internal impedance, this alters the peak frequency of the pickup. The resistance of the volume pot is crucial to pickup performance. Higher value pots cause the pickups to resonate at a higher frequency, which results in slightly higher output and presence with the result that the sound is noticeably brighter. Lower value pots do the reverse and make the sound darker, with less prescence and lower output. That is why you usually want 250K with lower output single coils and 500K or 1 Meg with higher output humbuckers. But with hotter single coils you may find that a 500K pot would work best. This is why we give you the option to select between 500K and 250K on your volume control.